here we will show >
what was at the beginning of time
and how the universe came to be .........

because > to know what to do today >
we have to know what was and why is every thing here now ....

at the beginnig of time > there was only emptyness every where !
why ? > because at the beginning there could only be nothing ........

where would it have come from ?

but space has been there all ways ! .... it was definitly not created at the big bang ........
because ? > what would have been there before ? .....but empty space >>>>

now some one will come up and say > there ist no beginning and no end of time !
and shurely > the beginnig of time was with out a start >
and the end of time is with out an end >>>>>

and then ? came the universe to be ? ... where did all the hydrogen gas came from ?
since this is equal to energy ! ..... there must have been somthing who created it !
and what could have created all this energy ? ..... in an empty space ?

>> only a creater <<

having been created by him self in this empty space ....

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